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Farm Tanks

Ensuring a safe work environment is paramount at Bonney Energy. As such we are committed to ensuring the tanks we deliver to meet the required standards to minimize the risk of incident, injury and environmental damage. Several authorities have been active in auditing properties for the same reasons.

Bonney Energy has access to a wide range of new and second hand diesel tanks suitable for a number of commercial uses.

We can provide compliant diesel storage tanks to suit the individual needs of our customers from 1250 litres up to 9,500 litres including bottom fill kits, filtration, tank level gauging and diesel pumps.

If you require larger storage levels see our range of Caltanks here.

The equipment provided on loan to customers of Bonney Energy is serviced and maintained by our nominated contractors.

Bonney Energy can complete a detailed assessment on your existing fuel storage facilities and provide solutions to assist in ensuring your fuel storage facilities are compliant and safe.

Contact us on 1300 023 570 to discuss the best option to suit your needs.