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Victorian Account Holders

Victorian Account Holders

Valued Customer 

As per our previous communications on your monthly statements, we are transitioning to a new administration system. This will also include changes to how you will access your Customer Online portal.

Our website will be updated and will have 2 logins:

Account Login Vic – Old


Account Login Vic – New


The “Account Login Vic – Old” will only be accessible up until November 30th. In your old online portal, you will be able to access transactions up to 31st October and relevant information.

In the “Account Login Tas – New” from 1st November you will be able to view your pricing, transactions from 1st November and request card updates and new cards. 

There will be a follow up email with your new account login details and temporary password.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the below:

Phone: 1300 023 570