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Caltex lubricants represent over a century of leadership in product innovation, value and customer satisfaction. That’s why our Caltex lubricants are universally trusted, have a strong reputation and a loyal customer base.

Quality lubricants include:

  • Caltex Delo Diesel engine oil range
  • Caltex Havoline Petrol engine oil range
  • Caltex Lubricants range
  • Caltex Crop protection products

In addition, benefit from our experience in the Caltex Lubelink advisory service and gain information on the fleet survey lubricant comparison.

Access the Caltex product data and safety data sheet information for our products here.

Bonney Energy Lubricants

If you’re looking for top quality value-for-money lubricants,  Bonney Energy provides a select range of products in plastic 20 litre drums, 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC’s.

Chain Bar Oil 150

A tacky lubricant made for the protection of chains, bars and sprockets on chainsaws. It is suitable for use with both automatic and manual operated oil systems and can be used on other chain driven equipment including motorcycles, lawnmowers, lumber carriers and farm equipment.

Chain Bar Oil penetrates the chain-links providing thorough lubrication. Our oil is blended with anti-wear additives that help extend the working life of the bar, sprockets and chain. The tacky quality of the oil resists excessive throw off and forms a strong protective film at rest.

This oil assists in keeping the saw clean by flushing dust, gum and wood chips away while removing pitch and preventing further pitch build-up on the chain and bar. Using Chain Bar Oil is an effective way to reduce chain adjustments and replacements.

Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 & 68 Grades

High performance anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated using highly refined base oils with zinc anti-wear, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam additives. These products are thermally stable fluid capable of handling high loads and temperatures and are compatible with most pumps, valves and seal materials used in hydraulic systems.

Both products provide excellent wear and corrosion protection, ensuring good equipment life and decreased downtime.

Thermal stability characteristics permit higher operating temperatures and provide long fluid life. The products have enhanced air release and antifoam properties that prevent air cavities. They also help prevent filter blockages and water access to ensure that hydraulic system performance is optimised.

NOTE: Bonney Energy Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 & 68 are not suitable for use with pumps containing silver plated components due to the zinc anti-wear additives.

Log End Sealer

Designed to reduce moisture loss and prevent end checking or cracking of sawn or cut timber, this product comprises a wax and water emulsion and is off-white in colour.

Log End Sealer is stable in extended storage of 12 months if kept at temperatures above freezing. At low storage temperatures the wax/water emulsion may break leading to separation of components. 

Apply Log End Sealer at a rate of 1 litre to 4m²– similar to a heavy coat of paint.

Contact Bonney Energy if you’re looking for a product that is no longer available in the Caltex range or in a pack size you require. We have the flexibility to tailor products to suit your specific needs.