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Premium Fuels

The Ampol range of fuels can be trusted to keep your vehicles running at their best.

Premium fuels are specially formulated to clean your vehicle’s fuel system while you drive.

Used regularly, Premium 95 A (95 octane rating) and Premium 98 A, premium unleaded fuels can enhance your engine’s performance by avoiding or removing a build-up of carbon deposits in the injector and ensuring fuel is reliably and consistently delivered into the combustion cycle for optimum power.

Premium 98 A is our highest-octane grade of unleaded petrol containing all the benefits of Premium 95 A and designed specifically for high performance engines. This ultra-refined fuel has a uniquely formulated additive that meets the rigorous demands of high compression ratio or turbo-charged engines.

In many vehicles the benefits of using Premium 98 A can be significant, such as:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Cleans the engine as you drive
  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Suitable for performance vehicles

Premium Diesel A fuels have been specifically formulated to perform with the latest diesel technology in mind. This fuel provides improved engine efficiency and contains detergents that clean your engine while you drive. Key benefits include:

  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Cleans the engine as you drive
  • Reduces foaming to prevent splashback
  • Suitable for all Diesel powered vehicles
  • Eliminates odours associated with traditional Diesel products